Dog Show Moon

dogshow book

Aunt Gwyn has been invited to host a dog show at her ranch. The winners will be awarded the Wet Nose Dog Food(tm) Annual Most Handsome Dog Prize. She’s thrilled to be involved, and werewolf Alpha Rylie Gresham is all too happy to help her aunt prepare. But when participants start to arrive, gruesome mishaps befall the participants: squeaky toys go missing, bichon frises wake up shaved naked, and Princess Banana (the 2012 prize-winning Chihuahua) is kidnapped.

The only way to find out who’s raining on this dog parade is for Rylie to enter her dog into the competition–except she doesn’t have one! She has to exert her Alpha powers to change Abel into his wolf form, and enters him as as an “American Alsatian.” He’s definitely not obedient an obedient lapdog, but he’ll do anything to help Rylie find Princess Banana and pull Aunt Gwyn’s dog show off flawlessly.

Is Abel a good boy? Who’s a good boy? And can Rylie control him and save the show, or will they be left chasing their tails? Find out in Dog Show Moon, book 5 of the Seasons of the Moon Series! 

Coming April 1st, 2013!

Just in case it isn’t obvious…Happy April Fool’s Day. :)