Books in Chronological Order

By reader request, here’s a list of ALL of my books in chronological order, according to the in-universe timeline. The Descent Series books (which have sections in the “past” and “present”) are listed by when the present-day events took place. I’m too lazy to separate out the flashback portions.

I’ve done this list by memory without referring back to the books, but I think I’ve got it all right. I haven’t read some of my writing in quite a while. :) Feel free to nudge me if I got something wrong.

Also, some of these books are work-in-progresses and haven’t come out yet, so if you don’t recognize a title, don’t worry.

Series key:

2001 Death Scream Descent
2003 Deadly Hearts Descent
2008 Witch Hunt PA
Silver Bullet PA
Hotter Than Helltown PA
Shadow Burns PA
2009 Deadly Wrong PA
Death’s Hand Descent
The Darkest Gate Descent
Dark Union Descent
Ashes and Arsenic PA
Damnation Marked Descent
Once Darkness Falls PA
2010 Dire Blood Descent
Defying Fate Descent
Six Moon Summer Seasons
Paradise Damned Descent
All Hallows’ Moon Seasons
Long Night Moon Seasons
2011 Gray Moon Rising Seasons
Caged Wolf Tarot
Forbidden Witches Tarot
Winter Court Tarot
2013 The Cain Chronicles Cain
Darkmoon Cain
2014 Of Wings and Wolves Cain
Alphamoon Cain
Sacrificed in Shadow Ascension
Oaths of Blood Ascension
Ruled by Steel Ascension
2015 Caged in Bone Ascension
Lost in Prophecy Ascension
Torn by Fury Ascension
Sins of Eden Ascension