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In the meantime, are you certain you’re all caught up on my series? The book you’re waiting for might have already come out! Here’s a full list of my books with links to the pages where you can find them:

War of the Alphas (this series was completed in 2015)

  1. Omega
  2. Beta
  3. Alpha
  4. Pas


The Ascension Series (this series was completed in 2014)

  1. Sacrificed in Shadow
  2. Oaths of Blood
  3. Ruled by Steel
  4. Caged in Bone
  5. Lost in Prophecy
  6. Torn by Fury
  7. Sins of Eden

Preternatural Affairs (this series is ongoing)witch hunt

  1. Witch Hunt
  2. Silver Bullet
  3. Hotter Than Helltown
  4. Shadow Burns
  5. Deadly Wrong
  6. Ashes and Arsenic
  7. Once Darkness Falls (coming in 2015)

Tarot Witches (this series is ongoing)

  1. Caged Wolf
  2. Forbidden Witches
  3. Winter Court (coming in 2015)
  4. Summer Court (hopefully coming in 2015)


The Descent Series (this series was completed in 2013)

  1. Death’s Hand
  2. The Darkest Gate
  3. Dark Union
  4. Damnation Marked
  5. Dire Blood
  6. Defying Fate
  7. Paradise Damned
  8. Deadly Hearts (read it on my website for free!)
  9. Death Scream (read it on my website for free!)

Seasons of the Moon (this series was completed in 2012) 6ms

  1. Six Moon Summer
  2. All Hallows’ Moon
  3. Long Night Moon
  4. Gray Moon Rising

The Cain Chronicles (this series was completed in 2013)

  1. New Moon Summer
  2. Blood Moon Harvest
  3. Moon of the Terrible
  4. Red Rose Moon
  5. Darkmoon
  6. Of Wings and Wolves
  7. Alpha Moon