What’s up with all these books and series? How do they fit together?

All of the books and series I have written as SM Reine exist within the same universe. The characters will often appear in multiple series.

Think of it like the DC or Marvel universes. Superman will occasionally show up in Batman’s comic book, but it’s still mostly about Batman. Superman has his own series.

What genre are your books?

All of them are essentially urban fantasy. I do wander into paranormal romance quite a bit, but if you’re looking for the romance structure (including happily every afters), you’ll probably be disappointed.

Preternatural Affairs has no romance at all. It is strict mystery-driven urban fantasy, or arguably supernatural suspense.

Tarot Witches is erotic paranormal romance.

What order should I read the series in?

Each one of my series are intended to be read on their own. If you’ve stumbled across one that looks interesting, you should be able to start there and enjoy it.

However, if you’re interested in tackling the greater body of my work, here is a flow chart that illustrates how all the series fit together.

(Please note: Genesis is an event that occurs within the books, and not a series. You’ll understand once you’ve read to that point.)


Can my daughter/students read your books?

Some of them. Please supervise your children if you intend to have them read any of my books, as all of them do exist in the same universe, and most of my books are inappropriate for young readers.

Seasons of the Moon is appropriate for readers aged 13+.

The Cain Chronicles is probably appropriate for readers 15+.

The rest of my series are only intended for adults.

Tarot Witches in particular is an 18+ ONLY series. It has explicit sex with fetish elements.

The reason that I started out in YA and moved into adult works is that I discovered the VAST majority of my readers were adults after publishing Seasons of the Moon. There aren’t (or at least, there weren’t) a lot of young people with Kindles when I started publishing. My core readers hungered for story themes that weren’t appropriate for teenaged readers. I stopped writing with young people in mind.

As time goes on, there are many more young readers who are using e-reading devices, so they’re likelier to stumble on my books. Again, Seasons of the Moon and The Cain Chronicles (through Darkmoon) are fine for teenage readers, but the others are not. Supervise your kids please.

Can I get some content warnings all up in this business?

Seasons of the Moon: Readers 13+. Violence. Dark themes. Parental death. Divorce. No sex is seen on the page, but it is lightly referenced, and there is one scene that is fade-to-black. No four letter words/profanity. There is mild drug use by people who are not main characters (marijuana). There is an HFN (“happy for now,” which is the less exciting younger brother of Happily Ever After).

The Cain Chronicles: Readers 15+. Violence. Dark themes. Familial death. There is a love triangle explored in some dramatic detail, though there is still no sex on the page until Of Wings and Wolves (but it is not terribly explicit). Again, profanity is kept to a minimum. There are HEAs (“happily ever afters”), but possibly not with the characters you want.

The Descent Series and The Ascension Series: Readers 17+. Strong themes that may be considered blasphemous. Strong violence. Explicit, though infrequent, sex scenes that are intended to serve a plot purpose, not for reader titillation. Profanity. Multiple character deaths. Death on an apocalyptic scale. References to drug use. These series are entirely about killing God (yes, the Christian God), so many readers with strong religious beliefs may find this series offensive. There is sort of an HEA.

Preternatural Affairs: Readers 17+. Frequent profanity. Violence, frequently seen through a procedural lens (think police TV shows). Sexual references, but no explicit sex. No HEA, HFN, or romance intended.

The Tarot Witches: Readers 18+. Frequent, explicit sex, involving fetishes, intended for both plot and reader titillation purposes. Some of this sex may be considered unusually offensive because of its use of blood play or because it involves shapeshifting werewolves. Thorough non-monogamy. There is profanity, but that’s the least of your worries. Dark themes and violence. Basically you should probably put on body armor and have the brain-bleach ready before reading these books. I have no filter while writing them. (They’re fun, I swear!) All the books have essentially HEAs.

War of the Alphas: Readers 17+. Rare profanity. Strong violence. Infrequent sex solely for plot purposes, not for titillation. Strong drug themes, including the main character taking drugs, though these drugs are fictional without real life parallels. Abuse against women. Possible domestic violence triggers. Main character deaths. No HEA.