Free eBooks!

If you’re new to my books, you may be happy to hear that I usually have a couple of titles free at any given time. This means you can give my series a risk-free spin before spending actual cashy moneys. (I usually blow through my book budget in the first week of every month, so I totally understand needing to be careful about what books we buy!)

You can find my current freebies below. Please note that the books may not be free in certain countries — make sure to double check the price before hitting the buy button.

Happy reading!

Witch Hunt – Book 1 of Preternatural Affairswitch hunt

This is a fun, fast-paced urban fantasy series for fans of The Dresden Files. These are generally standalone mysteries (kinda like sitting down to watch an episode of Law and Order, but with demons).

You can find Witch Hunt for free on Amazon KindleB&N NookApple iBookstore, and Kobo Books.

Death’s Hand – Book 1 of The Descent Series

This is an urban fantasy series with angels and demons and hunters, oh my! It’s quite gritty, the characters have foul mouths, and there’s lots of violence. You’ll also find a heaping serving of unresolved sexual tension (tasty!). If you like demon hunters, witches, dark angels, and heavy mythology, this series is definitely for you. (Note: The Darkest Gate and Dark Union are sometimes free, too, so keep an eye out for them at your preferred vendors.)

Due to mature content, this series is only recommended for adult readers. Keep scrolling if you’re looking for teen-appropriate reads.

You can find Death’s Hand for free on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo.

summer webNew Moon Summer – Episode 1 of The Cain Chronicles

These new adult paranormal romances are a continuation of the Seasons of the Moon series (although you don’t need to read Six Moon Summer first!). They’re less scary and more focused on the love triangle between the characters, and may not be appropriate for younger readers (16+). There are more werewolves, some swearing, and lots of swooning.

You can find New Moon Summer for free on Amazon,  iTunes, and Kobo.


I also have two free short stories on my website at the moment. They’re both prequels to The Descent Series, but you should read them after you’ve finished Paradise Damned. :)

Read them here: Deadly Hearts and Death Scream