The Descent Series

A dark, gritty urban fantasy series featuring an emotionally scarred exorcist, her witch partner, scary demons, scarier angels, and the looming threat of apocalypse. For those of you wondering what particular “flavor” of paranormal fiction this is, it’s probably best described as occult/supernatural.

Reading order:

  1. Death’s Hand
  2. The Darkest Gate
  3. Dark Union
  4. Damnation Marked
  5. Dire Blood
  6. Defying Fate
  7. Paradise Damned

Free short story!

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Dead divorcees. Demonic possession. Elise Kavanagh stabbing things and…baking cookies? It’s just another bloody Valentine’s Day in the life of a demon hunter and her witchy partner.

This is a short story about the length of two chapters in my other books (9000 words), which takes place before the events of Death’s Hand. It’s a gift to my existing readers, who believe deep in their hearts that James’s butt needs to be slapped once in a while. I agree completely, readers. I agree.

Where did Death’s Avatar go?

Folks who have been reading my books for a while will remember that there used to be another novella in The Descent Series called “Death’s Avatar.” It’s no longer available as a standalone book—it’s been rolled into the story of Death’s Hand, just like how Elise’s history with Mr. Black is integrated into the story of The Darkest Gate. If you’ve downloaded Death’s Hand after December 17th, 2012, you have the new edition that includes Death’s Avatar. :)

You can get the first three books in an ebook box set now!

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