Torn by Fury – Coming Soon!

Full-length portrait of a lovely brunette woman in romantic dres

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Elise Kavanagh is tired of being a scary badass. She moves to Paris, gets a total makeover, and starts hanging out with her fun new girlfriends! Every night is karaoke and body shots and every day is mani/pedis and shoe shopping. But getting a boyfriend is hard when you’re an ex-Godslayer demon thing. Can James convince Elise that he will fit into her new Parisian Barbie Doll lifestyle, or is he going to get booted back to Hell where he belongs?

COMING NEVER BECAUSE THIS IS AN APRIL FOOL’S DAY JOKE Y’ALL. Sorry, guys. :) I don’t actually have a cover for this book yet. And, um, there definitely won’t be any makeovers. But hey, did you see Lost in Prophecy is out?